Dating secreats

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‘They’ve got to be single and they’ve got to listen to us, that’s the parameters we have,’ Eden reveals.

4 That doesn’t mean that Eden doesn’t have his eye on certain people they’d love to have on the show.

But on the League, real people are vetting everyone who’s accepted onto the app — hence the long wait list — to make sure that all the users are real themselves.

“Everyone is who they say they are,” Bradford says.

‘Since series three I’ve had a lot of DMs from verified accounts on Twitter saying “I love the series, how can I get involved?

6 Eden and Lady Nadia don’t actually attend the dates – which means that they can sometimes get a bit of a surprise about the previous night’s events.

‘I think we were surprised when Charlotte and Frankie went on a double date and ended up in each other’s arms,’ he says.

The locations are all kind of recommendations really,’ Eden reveals, ‘Nadia and I live in London and we go out quite a lot to really good dinners and really good bars, we’ve got an amazing team at Lime Pictures who do a lot of scouting.

So they’re just really venues that would work for filming.’ 9 There are some stipulations though – the venue has to be a decent size to fit in all the production team – and it’s got to be a place where everyone feels happy.

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